Our Expert Guide To Finding The Right Wardrobe For You

Why is it so important to take time to find the right wardrobe for you? Well, it's the second largest piece of furniture in your bedroom after the bed and you will look at it every time you enter the room. Choose something that is both stylish and functional and you will enjoy your purchase. We know that buying furniture can be quite a task so we will try to guide you through the process by highlighting some of the key points to consider.

Consider What You Need To Store

If you put a lot of your clothes on hangers, choose a wardrobe with a fixed rail. Check out its height before you buy. You won't be able to hang your maxi dress or posh suit in a wardrobe with a rail fixed at half the height. If you usually keep your clothes folded, then choose one with plenty of shelving or with an adjustable rail. This tiny detail makes a massive difference in choosing your perfect wardrobe.
Decide in advance if you need a mirror or not as that will save you space if it is on your wardrobe.

Freestanding, Fully Fitted or Walk-In?

Freestanding wardrobes are the ones that fit in an average alcove and offer the most versatility in terms of price and design. If you regularly move house, then you can move your new wardrobe with you. These are usually very affordable with prices starting from £150 at most online retailers. There is always the possibility that the wardrobe will topple over so make sure that you secure it to the wall to avoid any hazards.
Fully fitted wardrobes are the best solution for small bedrooms as they can be designed to fit around awkward angles. Buy a fitted wardrobe only if you think that you'll stay in your property for a long time. Fitted wardrobes are a more costly option than freestanding wardrobes and often you will need expert help to have it designed and fitted. You need to measure up everything very carefully as only a few cm difference can make a huge difference.
In case you have a large bedroom, consider building a partition wall and creating a walk-in wardrobe with beautiful mirror sliding doors. This is an ultimate luxury choice!

On a Budget?

Flat-pack wardrobes (self assembly) are the cheapest and most popular option in the UK today and will definitely suit people who are on a budget. Flat packed wardrobes typically require screwing and gluing in order to achieve a stable finish. Therefore, if you intend to move often, then it is definitely worth thinking about knock down wardrobes. A knock down wardrobe is a pre-assembled wardrobe that uses bolts and non permanent fixings to allow you to take the item apart and re-assemble it with relative ease. There are some very good bargains online, e.g. you can get a 4 door, 4 drawer knock down wardrobe for as cheap as £250 with free delivery!