An essential guide to buying furniture

Never has there been so much choice for the consumer that is shopping for furniture. Yet with so many choices it can be easier than ever to buy substandard, inferior products at over inflated prices. So in this guide we talk you through how to choose furniture that is both fit for your needs and of good quality.

Quality considerations

A stylish and cosy home does not mean that the furniture has to be expensive. You can find cheap furniture at affordable prices, just have to look around and combine according to your taste. But more important is ensuring that the items that you're buying are high quality. This is far harder online than if buying from a physical store. In the latter instance you can feel the quality of the material and inspect the furniture item up close. However, in the former instance you'll need to rely on seller reputation alone, so check online review centres for real life customer opinion on previous experiences.

Durability and your furniture

When choosing your furniture pieces you'll need to consider practicalities. For those with young families or pets certain materials are going to be unsuitable (such as suede and velvet crush fabric). The more durable of materials for items such as your sofa are leather or high quality cotton, and for wooden items of furniture, oak is generally the one to choose. Something more to be aware of is what is the quality of the accessories and fittings as they are as much important as the materials.

Where to buy from

Choosing between buying online or buying from a physical store needn't be a case of compromising between price and quality. Whilst it's advisable that you visit a show room to view the specific items that you're looking for, you should then take to the internet to track down the same, or similar, product. Purchasing from one of the thousands of online furniture providers means that you benefit from drastically reduced prices in comparison to real world shops.
Buying furniture and measuring correctly
A vital task to ensure that you've done correctly if buying online is taking your measurements correctly. You should measure both your room twice, as well as comparing the dimensions of the furniture that you're looking at in order to see how the items will fit and how much room you'll have around them.
Delivery charges
A key piece of information to find on a suppliers website is how much they charge for delivery, this will avoid you getting to check out only to find that the delivery rates pretty much eclipse the prices of some of their furniture items.
Online room planners
There's plenty of furniture sellers that provide online tools to help you plan your room; known as augmented reality, some even allow you to upload a photo of your room and then place various furniture in different positions.

Design consultants

If you find yourself really struggling for design inspiration then you may want to consult a few home decor magazines, and if, after this, you’re still finding furniture shopping impossible you could consult a design consultant. Whilst such services do cost a significant amount they do produce the best results as design consultants are professionally trained. They have knowledge about materials, styles and colours and how to combine them so the final result will look like a masterpiece.