Luton Airport Parking

So, you're planning to drive into the airport and park up before flying off on a jet plane for a couple of weeks in the sun? It sounds straightforward, but a lot of things can go wrong - that's why we've put together this handy guide for anyone who needs to leave their car at Luton.

Priority Parking

Luton's special Meet & Greet service allows customers to simply leave their car at a handy bay at the front of the airport before heading inside to prepare for take-off. The great thing about this service is you won't neeed to faff around looking for your spot, or walking the distance to the terminal; you simply hand over your keys and a member of staff does the rest.
Optimal price: £55 for 3 nights

Short Term Car Park

The short term car park is recommended for those who are only spending a few days overseas. Located just a "few minutes" from the terminal - Luton's website is a little vague, but customer testimony suggests it will take you no longer than five - customers are encouraged to show up just an hour in advance of their trip.
In theory, you can turn up and find a short term spot on the day - but it's usually best to book in advance.
Optimal price: £48 for 3 nights

Mid Term Car Park

Mid term holidymakers - think one or two weeks at most - are advised to park up in Luton's second farthest bay, which requires a five minute shuttle bus trip to get to the terminals. It sounds like a hassle, but Luton have made sure to keep fuss to a minimum; you can probably even secure a space on the day if you're lucky.
It's also worth noting that those picking up loved ones are permitted to stay in the mid term park for up to half an hour completely free of charge.
Optimal price: £65 for a week

Long Term Car Park

If you're planning to be abroad for a few weeks, then you'll definitely need to get a spot at the long term car park - otherwise your fees could hit the roof.
Granted, it involves a little extra legwork on the part of the customer: a 10-minute bus journey is required to get you to the terminals on time, and it may be cumbersome to navigate round what is a pretty large bay.
Optimal price: £57 for a week

Booking tips

Compared to Heathrow, Luton is one of the UK's smaller airports, but their website is second to none. You can get free price quotes and plenty of handy advice from - meaning there's no need to waste money on premium rate phone lines.
As early as you know the dates of your travels, straight away look for airport parking quotes. The earlier, the bigger the discount.
Make sure that you allow enough time for your transfer so that you don't miss your flight.
If possible, go for a policy with free cancellation to avoid any extra fees if you need to cancel.

Here are some other perks of parking at Luton:
- Disabled travelers are given plenty of provisions via the Blue Badge scheme.
- Motorcyclists are permitted to leave their bikes at the mid term park free of charge for as much as 21 days.
- Those who end up missing their fight may be given a refund, provided they can demonstrate they had no control over their lateness.