A Buyer's Guide to Phone Line Deals

All too often finding a good phone line deal can seem like a bit of a battle; from providers advertising rates that exclude the line rental, to the ever increasing norm of having to purchase a phone line deal as part of a bundled package. However, it is still possible to get a good deal for your home phone, and in this guide we talk you through the basics of finding one.

Considering the purchasing of a package

Unfortunately there’s no escaping the fact that the cheapest phone line deals do come as part of a package. If you have internet or TV services currently then it’s highly advisable that you combine them as a full package from the same provider.

Finding phone line only deals

Currently not many providers offer phone line only deals but one provider we can always count of for our landlines is BT. They even offer a range of deals:
- Pay as you go deal - £20.20 per month, calls to UK numbers cost 20p a minute day or night.
- 500 minutes - £25.20 per month. You get 500 minutes to any UK numbers day or night.
- Unlimited minutes - £35.20 per month. With this deal you can talk as much as you want without any restrictions to all UK numbers.

Tips for finding the best package deal

Knowing your usage
Knowing what you use and how much you use of it is essential if you’re to keep costs down. Many providers try and sign you up to a larger package than you’ll ever need, with hundreds of TV channels that you’ll never watch, or an internet data allowance that you’ll never reach; so be aware of what your needs are and choose a package accordingly.
Free phone minutes
Package deals are a great way of getting free minutes, which are offered, pretty much, as standard. You should take your time to check what your free minutes actually cover, as this will be different from provider to provider. Some may offer their minutes as cross network (including mobiles) whilst others may stipulate certain networks and certain times of the day in which you can use your free minutes. Generally you can expect that you’ll receive a set amount of free minutes per month and you should bear in mind that they do not roll over to the next month.
However, where this isn’t possible, or where consumers simply need a phone line, there are methods of finding a good deal. Here are some top tips if you find yourself in this position.
Check comparison websites
Comparison websites are a fantastic tool in searching through hundreds of providers in search of the cheapest deal. Here you can compare prices and packages side by side.
Go to provider’s websites directly
Whist comparison websites should be your first port of call, you should also check provider’s websites directly. There are many phone lineservice providers that choose not to be featured on comparison websites and so finding out who they are and visiting their website or calling them directly is essential if you’re to have a full idea of what’s on offer.
Looking out for promotions
Phone line providers put on promotions all the time and advertise everywhere from your local newspaper to on television. Be sure to keep an eye out for any deals and check their website for the full details and terms and conditions.