What You Need to Know When Buying a Tablet Computer

You already have a netbook? That's cool. But they are SO last year, don't you think? The world of computing is all about tablets this year.

Apple's iPad in 2010 was the first tablet to arrive on the market and since then the world has gone tablet crazy. Apple nailed it with iPad. We admit it - there is something truly irresistible about the combination of a big colourful touch screen, a powerful processor, easy and fast Internet access and thousands downloadable apps.

But with more tablets arriving on the market each day, how do you choose which is best for you? Apple's tablet is far from your only option. Here's our quick review which may help you choose your perfect tablet. While some features are almost certain to be included in all tablet gadgets (say, wi-fi & touchscreen), there are plenty of other things to consider before saying good-bye to your cash.

In a few words, tablets are slim, portable, internet-connected computers. They are devices similar to smart phones, with touch screens and downloadable apps, but bigger, and similar to laptops and netbooks, with big high resolution screens, but with no built-in keyboard and lighter. We buy tables to listen to music, read ebooks, watch films, play games and, without any doubt, surf the web.

Do You Really Need A Tablet?

Perhaps you didn't expect this question: of course, you do. Who wouldn't want a piece of tech wonder in their hands? But when choosing, consider features wisely. All tablets support Wi-Fi but others support both Wi-Fi and 3G so you can put an internet-enabled SIM card into it and use the Internet while on the move. The screen size is another important factor to consider. Choose the screen size depending on how portable you want it to be and how comfortable you are with different sizes.

Android Tablets

Tablet's running Google's Android operating system come in a huge range of price levels and sizes. Android tablets are the best alternative if iPad's size, price, or capabilities don't quite fit your needs and budget. At Carphonewarehouse.com you can find the Samsung Galaxy Tab which is perhaps the best example running the Google's Android.

Apple iPad

It's been just two short years since Apple launched the first iPad but this magic device still reigns as king. Millions of consumers have purchased the iPad in it various versions. Its strongest advantage is the ease of use, along with its impressive selection of apps, games, and media. Undoubtedly, the iPad is a safe choice. Apple.com is the official retailer for iPad.

Everyone Else

Most low cost tablet PCs fall under this category. They come with a variety of OSs which include HP's webOS, Blackberry's PlayBook, Amazon's Kindle Fire (not available in the UK yet) and Windows 7.

Finally, a tablet can be a great addition to your tech possessions but remember that it can't replace a Mac or a PC with all their powerful software. Don't get us wrong, we think tablet PCs are cool but they are really a whole new category of computing.