Comprehensive Guide to Buying: Dining Tables

Whether you are moving in into a new place or just renewing what you already have, it's always tough choosing a dining table that will serve you in the best way possible. Dining tables are usually big furniture items and if you don't have enough space it will be difficult to have one.

Let's go through some steps that will guide you into buying a dining table that's the perfect fit for your dining room.
1. Measure the room and estimate how much space you have for the table. Play with at least a few interior scenarios to find the best place for the dining table and then take measures. Keep in mind that you need enough space for the chairs as well.
2. Material - there are many types of wood, metal and glass used. This choice depends on your existing interior. Choose a dining table that will match the colour scheme and the materials used for other furniture products in the room.
3. Extendable or not? - if you want to save the space used by guests on the table while you need half the spaces go for an extendable dining table. There are many options to choose from and it all depends on the number of people you want to fit around the table. There are different mechanisms for extending dining tables. One is to add extends to both sides or just to one side. Another type of extending is to double the size by sliding the top aside and adding a second one the same size. And there is a third type where the top is divided in the middle and both side move away to place a centre piece between them. So make sure you understand how it exactly works and what the maximum size is as you don't want to break your table.
4. Shapes - again, as number 3 above - the choice depends on your existing interior, available space or your personal preferences. Choose from oval, round, rectangular and square ones.
5. Price - the cheapest dining tables start at £100 and go up to over £1000. This element depends on your budget and requirements.
6. Style - for sure there's a huge range of tables, but you can narrow it down by choosing modern, contemporary or classic style. Whatever your preferences are, they should be in accordance with your interior.

Where to look for dining tables?

We recommend you to have a look at online. You will find a wide range including fast free delivery and will be able to compare prices. You can also check you local furniture retailers for ongoing deals and sales.