Pay As You Go SIM Cards - Networks Compared

If you are on a Pay As You Go plan, and you haven’t changed it recently, then probably you are not on the best deal possible. Pay As You Go tariffs change constantly. Every day mobile networks launch new tariffs offering all kinds of freebies: free calls, free texts and even free data. With PAYG SIM cards it’s easier than ever to switch networks. Why not explore the options? In this guide we show you how to find the right PAYG plan for you and how to cut costs with some simple steps.

How To Choose A PAYG Plan?

As a rule of thumb, if you’re spending £15 or more each month on your current Pay As You Go plan, then you will possibly get a better deal with a Pay monthly contract. However, if you spend less than £15 on your mobile or you simply do not want to commit, then PAYG tariffs are the right choice for you. With so many mobile networks out there, be prepared that finding the best PAYG deal will be time-consuming. But in the end, it will be worth it saving you a lot of money.
Here it goes: The main network providers in the UK include, in no particular order, 3 Mobile, EE, O2, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone. All network providers offer PAYG plans with different calls and texts rates and other special features. Looking and comparing all their deals can be bewildering at first. It is not possible to choose before you know what you need.

What PAYG Deals Are Available?

Take out some recent mobile phone bills and compare: do you use more texts than call minutes? Or you usually use a greater part of your data allowance than your call minutes? This information will help you figure out what you need. For example, if you use mobile Internet a lot, then 3 mobile should be your best buy. With a £15 top-up, you get the following for 1 month: unlimited texts, minutes plus 10GB data. That is more than enough for any regular mobile phone user! If you want unlimited data as well then the amount per month will be £24.
If you are not that much of a data user but want to talk and text without limits - then consider Lebara. They offer pay as you go plan with unlimited texts and minutes, 3 GB data and 100 international minutes for £6.99 per month.
EE offer for £15 per month, 15GB data, 2000 minutes and unlimited texts.

How Much Does A SIM Card Cost?

Competition is fierce on the Pay As You Go market and companies are constantly competing for customers. Therefore, they now offer PAYG SIM Cards for free. Once, you’ve chosen a deal, go to their website, enter your address and you should receive your new free SIM card in the post.

Can I Keep My Current Phone Number?

Absolutely yes! Your current network must give you a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) by law. This code will authorise the transfer of your number to your new network operator. You should be provided a PAC code within 2 days of requesting it and it will be valid for 30 days.