Comprehensive Buyer's Guide to Teeth Whitening

Taking good care after your teeth entails not only regular visits to the dentist but also good hygiene in the intervals in between. Teeth whitening is part of this care kit. Apart from having a dramatic effect on your desire to smile, it shows to the rest of the world that you are aware and take advantage of the latest innovations in this field. So what are the smile-stimulating methods around?

Toothpastes and strips

Teeth whitening toothpastes have been on the market for some time now. In effect, this method exacts no extra effort as it merges with the general tooth cleaning process we do mornings and evenings. Nonetheless, the degree of whitening is said to be minimal (lightens by about a shade). Strips and gels, for their part, are said to whiten teeth about three shades on average.

Trays with bleaching agents

A relatively recent innovation are trays which one can use at home yet this process is recommended to be overseen by a dentist. In effect, any person using it puts this tray into his mouth after having placed a bleaching agent into it with a syringe. The effect is said to be dramatic.

Dentist-operated whitening

No less effective is the tooth bleaching procedure performed by dentists. In effect they use their cosmetic dental care toolbox along with bleaching agents, the effect being visible immediately. There is after-care to preserve it, though, which generally includes a "white" diet.

Tooth sensitivity

All teeth whitening procedures to a lesser or greater degree cause tooth sensitivity and it is essential that you know how much of whitening your teeth can handle. It is best that you get specialist advice to ensure you get the right treatment (after all, beauty should not come at any cost).


If you want to whiten your teeth you shouldn't look for the cheapest or the most expensive options. The answer is in the middle. Teeth whitening at the dentists' would show results within the hour while teeth whitening at home will take a little longer but will last longer too. It all depends on your preferences.
The whitening effect will last longer if you take better care of your teeth such as flossing and regular brushing. If you decide to avoid tea, coffee, cigarettes your chances of whiter teeth for longer will be even greater.
One of the biggest myths that teeth whitening ruins your enamel has proven untrue so you shouldn't have to worry about this.
Putney Dentists are all-around dental care specialists who have in their service range both treatment of dental problems and cosmetic procedures. Check what types of teeth whitening they offer by phone or email, inquire about prices and start acting.
Colgate is probably the most renown toothpaste manufacturer worldwide. Among its products, at least half a dozen particularly cater to teeth whitening. Read the characteristics of each one product before deciding which one meets your teeth requirements.
Consumer Search helps you select from across-the-board teeth whitening products. There, you will find descriptions and reviews of different types of products to ensure that your choice is very much an informed one.