Comprehensive Buyer's Guide to Stopping Snoring

If there is anything which can wear one out in counted days, then it is insufficient sleep. Snoring is a beast notorious for disrupting sleep, both that of the snoring person and of partners and even neighbours, if one happens to live in a flat. Well, medical specialists have gone to great lengths to invent snoring remedies and all one has to do is to find the method which suits him/her best.

Reasons for snoring

- Closed-mouth snoring - this may be caused by a problem with your tongue
- Open-mouth snoring - this may be caused by tissues in your throat
- When sleeping on your back - this can be improved usually by changing sleeping position, improving your lifestyle and habits.
- In all sleeping positions - the cause may be more complicated and you may require a more comprehensive treatment.

Physical cause

Snoring is the result of restricted airway which occurs when the lower jaw and tongue retract to the throat. This causes the soft tissues, primarily the jaw muscles, to vibrate and do so noisily. This process can deteriorate to an extent to which it can halt breathing, prompt choking and wake one up to restore breathing. This condition is called obstructive sleep apnea.

Natural cures

Among the ways to naturally cure this condition is to lose weight. This can be an especially effective tool especially if you have recently gained weight and you had no snoring problems before that. Learning to sleep on one's side only can also prevent you from restricting air flow to and from your lungs. The use of nasal sprays is also said to have a good effect on many.

CPAP machine and mouth guards

Among popular mechanical tools to treat this condition is CPAP machine. This face mask injects pressurised air into your throat and, thus, it "forces" its way even when the airway is narrowed. Mouth guards, in turn, represent gum devices which are placed onto the upper jaw. They make the lower jaw and tongue protrude slightly forward, therefore, effectively blocking their retraction to the throat. They are said to cause no jaw fatigue and achieve a success rate of 90%.
The stop snoring mouthguard of TheraSnore can come at an affordable price and a 30 day money-back guarantee so you can always return it if you find it useless. Being clinically proven and medically approved, this is a device which the NHS has been recommending for 10 years now.
SnoreMender sells a similar mechanism and the extensive explanations of why use it and how it heals your condition might be just enough a prompt to buy it.
SleepPro offers multiple treatments and the provider touts their prices are 10 to 40 times cheaper of alternative manufacturers and re-sellers. Read the FAQ section to check what interests your peers and decide if these are the products which are right for you.