Tips for Buying a Fitness DVD

You've made a commitment to get in shape by working out at home? What you need next is some good fitness DVDs. There are all kinds of styles from fast paced to easy going, quiet to loud, simple to more complex. There are also workouts better suited to the young and able, others better suited for the older person and some are suited depending on your health and whether you're a beginner or experienced.

Know Your Targets

Before you decide on a fitness DVD you need to take that into account and also figure out which kind of workout you're after and which you think is best suited to you. Remember to look into what the fitness DVD targets are e.g; Mr Motivator: All new BLT workout includes 10 x 7 minutes workouts for upper body conditioning, all over body conditioning and legs, bums and tums workout. All fitness DVDs will have target areas whether it be bum, stomach, arms or all over and they will usually be either toning exercises to tighten up or weight loss calorie burning workouts so make sure to check your getting a workout that consists of what you want.

Follow The Celeb Workout Regime

Fitness DVDs became even more popular when celebs with great bodies or amazing weight loss stories started starring in them. Examples of celebrities that have always been in shape that have made fitness DVDs are; Jordan (Katie Price), Davina, Jillian Michaels and Christine Bleakley. Celebrities who have made fitness DVDs after dramatic weight loss are: Natalie Cassidy, Hannah Waterman, Claire Richards, Jennifer Ellison and Charlie Brooks. These are usually very popular because people often will choose a fitness DVD with a celebrity they like, watch on telly a lot or would like the same figure as. You can even buy fitness DVDs made by stars from popular TV shows such as The Only Way Is Essex, Hollyoaks, Dancing on Ice, The Biggest Loser and Strictly come Dancing. These are very popular amongst fans of these shows and fans of the stars in them.

Pregnancy And Post-Pregnancy Workouts

Celebrities are always on telly or in magazines and the trend to lose weight after having a baby can put pressure on a new mum, which is why post-pregnancy DVDs have become very popular. They aim to help you lose weight in a safe way. There are fitness DVDs for pregnant women too, some even aimed at each trimester. Yoga is popular during pregnancy because it's meant to be good for you and your body as its calming and can help you handle stress better and some people believe yoga DVDs specifically for pregnant women can prepare you for birth and help make labour and birth quicker and some people believe yoga can teach you to handle the pain of labour and birth better. There are also fitness DVDs for women trying to get pregnant and Yoga DVDs for babies. Post-pregnancy fitness DVDs or pregnancy yoga or Pilates DVDs are occasionally bought by elder people because they help you lose weight and are not strenuous. There aren't many fitness DVDs for older people, but there are a few, Jane Fonda has made two.
Another choice like choosing celeb workout DVD is choosing a fitness DVD with a personal trainer of the stars, a very popular name amongst these is Tracy Anderson who is the personal trainer of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow just to name two. You could even choose a Fitness DVD made by a model like Elle Macpherson.
Celebs aren't the only option though, a popular option for younger people, dancers, athletes, or people that want to learn how to dance or enjoy music and a fast paced workout would maybe opt for one of the many Dance style workout DVDs. Dance workouts are very popular and the list of dance styles is almost endless, but to name most; Zumba, Latin, Salsa, Belly dancing, Pole dancing, Ballet, Bollywood, Ballroom, Celtic and Folk dance. Examples of Dance DVDs by well known groups and companies are; Pussycat Dolls, Pineapple Studios, Dirty Dancing, Ministry of sound, Clubland, Now Thats What i Call Fitness, Diversity, Fame, Strictly come Dancing and Dance Workout for Dummies.
If a celeb workout DVD or dance workout DVD isn't what you are after, then other options are Martial Arts, Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates or Tae Bo. Tae Bo has recently taken over just like Zumba did before it. Billy Blanks is a popular option for Tae Bo and has made a few DVDs. Other options are Tai Chi and Kung Fu.
Fitness DVDs by men are a lot fewer, to name some; David Kirsch, Matt Roberts, Duncan Wong, Billy Blanks, Billy Blanks Jr, David Carradine, Mr Motivation and Anthony (Big Brother).

Top 5 Most Popular Fitness DVDs according to Plays Top Sellers

Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred
Jillian Michaels: The Collection Box Set
Pilates Weight Loss Workout for Dummies
10 Minute Solution : Kettlebell Ultimate Fat Burner
Davina: The Ultimate Target Workout

Top 5 Fitness DVDs with the highest reviews according to Amazon

Pilates Weight Loss Workout for Dummies
10 Minute Solution - Target Toning
Ministry of Sound: The Ultimate Workout
Billy Blank's Tae Bo: The Ultimate Collection
10 Minute Solution: Carb and Calorie Burner