Tips To Follow When Buying Designer Radiators

With advancements in modern house building technology and inclination in people's tastes towards sleek sophistication, installation of designer radiators has become an obsession. A lot of people disliked the look of radiators but as they are a necessity, people put up with them, ignored them, painted them or even covered them, until now.

Designer radiators are a combination of style and heating efficiency. It is no longer just a matter of heating the room and achieving comfort, but it has also become a new trend in luxury interior design. People look for designer radiators trying to give their living space a more aesthetic look.
But when you have to choose a designer radiator, you may have a tough time deciding on which of the designer radiators will be most suitable for you. We know that the choice of designer radiators online can be bewildering. That's where our buying tips come to guide you step-by-step through the process. So where do you start?

What Type Of Designer Radiator Is Right For You?

Obviously you are looking for something that looks good, but what else do you need to know? Firstly you have to identify what type of designer radiator is the perfect for you. To do that, consider three factors - space, colour and materials. Consider the place in which you will place the radiator and the size of your room where it will be installed. Depending on your space constraints, you will have to choose between vertical, horizontal or ladder type radiators. These usually come in the price range of between £100 and £200 each.
How many of them you need depends on the size of your room. The heat emission of a radiator is calculated in terms of its wattage. According to the European standard EN442 the wattage is determined by the water supply with a temperature of 75°C and a return temperature of 65°C at a room temperature of 20°C. A higher supply temperature does not necessarily mean a higher wattage. We recommend that you get expert advice on this matter. Specialists say that designer radiators do not give out as much warmth as the traditional ones, but considering that they have additional function and last for about 10 years we admit they are worth the price. Our advice is to look around for buying a new electric heater off the season as the sale prices can be up to 60%-70% cheaper.
Next you will have to consider whether the colours and materials you choose will mix together with the existing style and colour patterns of your home. For example, if your living space looks quite modern, then you have to install a contemporary looking radiator rather than a traditional-looking radiator.
The next thing you have to consider is the type of material you should choose for your new designer radiator. Home-heating experts usually recommend aluminium or stainless steel radiators but this is another factor you should seek expert advice on.

Once You've Decided

Once you have decided on your budget, the type of radiator you want, together with any linked or accessory products you might need, go ahead and order your new designer radiator. You can select your designer radiator online as it allows you to see the whole range of products in one place. But even after choosing a radiator, it's good to talk to an expert before placing an order.
Whatever your choice is be sure that your home will look exclusively stylish and contemporary with a designer radiator.