Things to consider when choosing your office cupboards

When considering a purchase of office cupboards there are various factors that you need to consider. In this guide we look at some of the factors that may impact upon your choice of office cupboards, in addition to taking a look at the most practical office cupboards on the market today and what they can offer you.

How do you use your office space?

When looking through the vast range of office cupboards on the market you need to think about how you use your office space; is it a wide, open space that encourages people to move around freely and communicate with one another? Are there groupings of workers that need to be sat together for work purposes? And do you find that your office space is sufficiently limited?
For those that encourage an open plan layout, under desk cupboards are perfect for both convenience and maintaining workers view across the office. They are directly accessible by your workers, and can save on time otherwise spent walking to and fro across the office. However for those that wish to separate their office so groups of workers are sectioned off from one another, then floor to ceiling cupboards can act as separating walls, and can ensure that sound is sufficiently intercepted between work groups.

The range of office cupboards

Today there is an extensive range of cupboards on the market that meet the needs of the modern day office. Office cupboards come with all manner of fittings and fixtures that make sorting an innumerable type of office products a breeze.
There are office cupboards with slide out filing racks, compartments for stationary and those with a deep width for holding large A4 filing boxes and folders.
Additionally office cupboards come in every material, colour and style possible. From shinny glass modern cupboards, to traditional dark wood cupboards, there will be a style to suit your office’s existing décor.

Do you need your office cupboards to be secure?

For those that wish to store sensitive material within their office cupboards, or those that will be storing high value electronic items, then secure office cupboards are a must; such cupboards can range from the relatively secure to the extremely secure. You should undertake research as to what uses your locked office cupboard can hold.

Office trends in 2022

- Cubicles are back but improved - this is the place where employees will enjoy a bit of privacy. Many need safe and quiet place to gather their thoughts and this is the idea of the new so called "privacy pod".
- Height adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs - better health for your employees, better benefits for your business.
- Flexibility - most offices nowadays offer flexibility to employees - napping station, nutrition bar or even table tennis! This will improve your employees output so you will benefit more than you put in the extras.
Choosing an office cupboard largely depends on what you will be using it for, your office’s décor, the existing office layout and whether you require the cupboard’s contents to be secure. With the widest range of styles on the market to date, you’re sure to not only find something that will compliment your office’s style, but may additionally improve storage and employee operation.