Business Buyer's Guide: Rubber Stamps

A rubber stamp is an item adding solidity to a company in the eyes of partners and clients. Therefore, it is especially important to consider a solid design and one that is consonant to your already existing stationery and overall corporate visual presence. Issues such as type, number of impressions, capacity of being refilled are no less important and are worth a cross-comparison exercise prior to taking a final decision on what to buy.

Buying advice

- Make sure that you have spelleed all the words correctly.
- What exactly do you want to add to the stamp? The company's logo or contact details as well?
- Size - make sure you choose the right size for your company and documentation.
- Cost - it depends on all of the above.

One company, one face

Your company needs a concerted visuals approach; hence, its logo, corporate font and colours, as well as forms and shapes should feature on the imprint. A number of rubber stamp providers offer the opportunity of designing your own stamp with online tools. This opportunity comes especially handy for small businesses whose sheer size makes it difficult to afford an in-house designer.

Self-inking vs. pre-inked

Design done, you can move onto choosing a type. Rubber stamps come in many varieties, yet the ability to distinguish among individual models by the inking technique seems of particular value. While self-inking rubber stamps are water-based, the pre-inked are oil-based. Self-inkers are cheaper yet they need to be refilled up to three to five times more often than pre-inkers (10,000 vs. 30-50,000 impressions before refilling). What is more, pre-inkers tout a better, crisper impression.


Yet both of them are inappropriate for stamps on glossy surfaces such as glossy paper, CDs, fabric or leather. The quick dry rubber stamp is what you should consider in such situations. Usually, you can make up to 2,500 impressions per fill.


If you are environmentally sensitive, then you can opt for rubber stamps made of recycled materials, plastic bottles for example. As a bonus, they tend to be cheaper than their regular counterparts. Seek for the green label if to you nature preservation is material.
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