Things To Know Before You Buy an Office Chair

Buying office chairs can be quite a task. If you have ever tried choosing home furniture, then you probably know how bewildered you can feel by the abundance of offers on the market. Imagine the same task but for an entire staff! It becomes even more daunting.

Get prepared and read our guide to buying office chairs below. Knowing what you're looking for will undoubtedly simplify the process. We will go through the main things you need to take into consideration when buying new office chairs.

Consider The Cost

This is probably the major factor you need to think of when choosing office chairs. Office furniture can be very expensive, especially if you would like to buy units that are durable, functional and stylish. You can find standard office chairs for less than £50, or you can pay up to £1,200 for a fully functional ergonomic one. Remember that even with higher upfront costs you can save money by opting for good quality chairs, thus preventing high maintenance and repair costs.
It is possible to keep costs down without compromising quality. The best tip we can give you is to try with online retailers that offer brand new office furniture at an affordable price. Most of them, such as OfficeFurnitureOnline and Viking, keep a huge range of chairs in stock, regularly offer massive savings and free delivery nationwide!

Adjustment Controls

Price is always a very important factor, but it's not the only one. Before you buy any office chair, check whether the one you've chosen is adjustable and comfortable. Remember, the furniture you buy will be used by you and your staff for many hours at a time. Adjustable backrests are a "must have" - you should be able to angle your office chair backrest in a way that suits your activity.

Best office chairs for 2022

- Herman Miller Mirra 2 - although with a price of around £800, it is one of the best investments for people with back problems. It is a very stubborn chair so expect it to last for longer than 10 years.
- Ikea Markus chair - costs around £160 and is very good value for money. Offers good all-round comfort.
- Herman Miller Aeron - price tag of around £900 but is made to fit perfectly to any person of any size.
- House by John Lewis Hinton chair - affordable price of £115 and great comfort.


Leather office chairs are usually regarded as quality furniture. This may not always be true because cheap leather is often much worse choice than a good quality fabric. Also be aware that leather office chairs advertised as "leather-faced" are chairs whose seat top and backrest front may be made from genuine leather but the other elements are made from artificial materials, such as PVC.

Warranties and Availability of Replacement Parts

Do not forget to check how long the manufacturers guarantee is. The longer the guarantee, the greater the confidence the manufacturer has in the ability of their product to perform in normal office conditions! Your target should be at least 5 years guarantee. A cheap chair will probably only be guaranteed for 2 years.
Final tip... invest in a good quality office chairs to save your employees from avoidable discomfort. Go online, check the specifications of the office chairs and buy the one that seems the best for your needs.