A buyer’s guide to leather office chairs

Given that the average person spends over 60% of their time at work, having a high quality and comfortable chair to sit on is essential. As well as this there are also ergonomic factors to take into consideration, where, in short, having the wrong chair can mean an innumerable amount of back problems in later life. So in this guide we talk you through choosing the perfect leather office chair.

Choosing a leather office chair

Considering ergonomics
Back pain is the number one reason for people having time off work in the UK. The number of people suffering from back problems is reaching epidemic levels, and the need to have the right chair is vital in avoiding back issues.
Choosing a chair that has been designed on solid ergonomics is simply a matter of checking the specifications. Your first check should be that the chair is height and back adjustable, and that there is sufficient lumber (lower back) support. Lower back support is provided through the chair’s back being moulded to bend into the bottom of the back. Some chairs come with a removable cushion for lumber support, so those that wish to remove it, may.
Generally you should stay away from chairs that have either a small, or a fixed back panel, as these can’t be adjusted to fit the person sitting on them. You should also consider arm support, as this is an additional factor that can change the way a person sits.
Choosing between faux leather and real leather
Choosing faux leather as opposed to real can sometimes seem like a tempting option. With chairs such as these being a fraction of the cost of real leather office chairs it may seem cost effective to opt for faux leather. However you should bear in mind that the lifespan of a faux leather chair is likely to be far shorter than one made from real leather, and buying faux leather may well be a false economy.
Swivel base
Most of office chairs are with swivel base with wheels as they allow you moving around the desk easily. These bases can be plastic but metal ones are better as their support is better.

Getting the best deal on your leather office chair

Shopping online
Shopping online most certainly offers the best deals for leather office chairs. Physical retail outlets will always put a premium onto their products.
When looking at what the various online retailers offer it’s important to remember that the majority will charge for delivery. It’s advisable to check out what these charges are prior to your search as you may find the perfect chair, only to find an extortionate delivery charge at check out.
Looking for promotions
Promotions are put on frequently by large suppliers, particularly during certain times of the year, such as January and the end of the financial year (April) where many businesses have a disposable budget to spend. Shopping for your office items during these times can see you making significant savings.