What to Consider When Buying Bar Stools

We have written this guide to help you answer some of the most important questions about buying bar stools and counter stools. Bar stools come in loads of different styles, shapes, materials, sizes, finishes and prices, so it's worth spending some time on finding out a design that's right for you and your surroundings.

You'll find below a few questions along with some helpful tips in order to make your buying experience simpler and enjoyable.
If you have any questions, you're welcome to email us and we will be glad to help.

Is There Difference Between Bar Stools And Counter Stools?

This type of stools usually come in two sizes: one is 24 inch and the other is 30 inch. Basically, the higher one is the bar stool. This measurement is taken from the floor to the seat. Stools that are "bar height" generally have seats that are 30 inch high. These are generally referred to as "bar stools" or "bar height stools". Stools that are "counter height" generally have seats that are 24 inch high. These stools are generally referred to as "counter stools" or "counter height stools".

What Size Stool Do I Need?

Measure the height of your bar or kitchen tabletop before you begin to shop. As a standard rule allow a gap of at least 10-13 inches between the stool seat and the table. Make sure you leave extra room for bar/counter stools with arms so they fit under the table.

How Many Stools Can I Fit At My Counter?

This is always a good question. Once you already know the proper height for your stools, you may have to consider how many of these you would like to house. This can only be answered after you answer another question: what is the width of your table and the width of the stools you've chosen? Take measures and consider stool spacing carefully to avoid disappointment. Allow about 30 inches from mid-seat of one stool to mid-seat of the other. This way you will leave enough room for swivelling and getting on and off. Of course, if you have chosen stools with arms, remember to leave more space as you will need it to get on and of comfortably.

Design and materials

There is really huge variety of models and we do not aim to show it to you, but we could give you few tips concerned with the design. Your home for sure has its own charm and style, whether classic or modern, so choose the bar stools according to it. Thus they will not look awkward combined together. Choosing the materials is the next thing you have to think about. Pay a bit more attention to the seat - fabric ones get stains easily, while leather seats need some more care. Plastic seats are best for those who do not want to spend their time in cleaning, but might be a bit more uncomfortable.

If you are trying to add a special place to your home where you can get together with family or friends or just have breakfast, bar stools will enhance the ambience and add that touch to your home that you've been looking for.