An Essential Guide to Gatwick airport parking

An Essential Guide to Gatwick airport parking For those travelling from the incredibly busy Gatwick airport there can be few more convenient ways to access the airport than by car. However this does come at a cost and you may well have heard of tales of car park charges that practically eclipse the cost of a flight. Whilst such stories are undoubtedly exaggerated, it is true that Gatwick car parking can cost a relatively significant amount, however with the right tips and tricks you can park your car at Gatwick without spending too much more than if you were to travel there by cheaper means.

Gatwick Airport Parking: An overview

Gatwick Airport
Gatwick Airport consist of two terminals: North and South. In total there are 3 car parks, which offer three different services: Short stay, long stay and fast track.
Gatwick Short Stay Parking
Short Stay Parking covers those who will be staying for a maximum of 24 hours. This is available at both the North and South terminals.
Gatwick Long Stay Parking
Long stay car parking is offered at both terminals and is suitable for those who will be away for longer than two days.
Valet Parking
This service offers travellers who may be in rush the option of leaving their car key with a member of staff for them to park and to travel onwards to their terminal. This operates at both South and North Terminal.
Premium Parking
Premium parking allows you to park your car right next to the Terminal entrance and is available for valet and short stay parking at both North and South Terminal.
How much should you expect to pay?
Pricing can vary greatly and is dependent upon when you book, how busy the car parks are and even the time of year. Generally speaking however you can expect parking to range from £30 up to £70 for a week’s stay.

Tips for making a saving on Gatwick Airport Parking

Using a price comparison website
Whilst many consumers go first to price comparison engines for other elements of their holiday, such as flights or their hotels, very few think that such websites can help them net a saving on their car parking charges. However there are more than three main car park comparison websites currently, with each being as effective in whittling down the deals as the last.
Booking up early
Holidays and flights may be far cheaper when booked at the very last minute, however car parking at Gatwick is not. In fact, if you leave booking in until the last minute you could find yourself facing charges of up to 50% more!
You should also beware that even if you do book your car park stay early that you’ll still be able to cancel your booking free from charge.
If you have left it until the last minute, even until the day of departure, never ever turn up and book in in person, even on the day you will still make a saving by booking by phone or online.