Buyer's Guide To The Cheapest Airport Parking Deals

It is not an easy job finding affordable rates on airport parking. The main difference in the price comes from if the parking is situated within the boundaries of the airport or out of them - within a close reach. Every airport has a bunch of parking sites that will happily accommodate you car while you are away. Another thing that will help you save money is booking in advance. If you know that you will need to leave your car at the airport to go on a holiday or a business trip, book your parking as soon as you book your flights. This way you will pay 40%-50% lower the regular price which is offered 30 days before the trip.

Gatwick Airport Parking

If you don't insist parking on the airport you could well save yourself £70-£80 a day. There are many car parks such as APH or the Long Stay Car Park which are situated nearby and make regular transfers to and from the airport and they only charge £5 - £15 a day. You will usually be required to leave your keys. This service is named as Park & Ride. If you want to be met at the airport and hop on your car straight away without wasting time for buses and transfers - you can use Meet & Greet. You can choose if you want to be met at departure, return or both. Prices for this services range between £30 and £45 per day. If you want Valet parking - prepare to go over £70 per day.

Heathrow Airport Parking

You can park off the airport (Park & Ride) for just £14.95 a day with Purple Parking. The Meet & Greet option goes starts at £33.99 and goes as high as £66.95 daily charge.

Manchester Airport Parking

You can park at the official Manchester airport car park JetParks 3 for just £17.99 or at JetParsk 1 & 2 for £22.99 a day. There is also a multi-storey car park which is within a walking distance and costs £35.00 a day. If you prefer Meet & Greet prepare yourself for a service that will cost you between £24 and £50 a day.

How to save even more?

* Prepare to watch out for offers in the email, through the post or TV - they could be seasonal or if you become a regular user. You can save up to 70 % off.
* Even if you haven't booked your airport parking in advance - still doing it before you turn up there will save you money.
* Visit the so called "screenscrapers" - they are comparison websites where you will be able to compare quotes by the different airport parking providers for your selected airports.
* Check if there is a transfer to the airport, how often they are and is that service included in the price.
Our last advice /but not least important/ is to be informed what is the security. Majority of the car parks near to the airports have CCTV, but some small private parks do not have. A reliable service should guarantee there will be no damage or loss of your car and items.