How British Gas Customers Can Save Money

British Gas is one of the largest energy providers in the UK, but even if you’ve been a long term customer with them you’ll still be wondering if you could find a cheaper service elsewhere. Changing to another energy provider could save you money, but before you do it’s worth checking out some of the cash-saving products that British Gas have to offer.


Hive is an innovative thermostat which allows you to control your boiler via your smartphone in order to adjust heating and hot water when you’re away from home. Although Hive is available to everyone, British Gas customers can get £50 off their Hive installation which takes the price down from £249 to £199. They state that using Hive can help you save up to £199 annually, so after just over a year your investment will have paid itself off and you can benefit from the savings.
Using Hive allows you to monitor the temperature at home, override your boiler’s programmed schedule and turn the heating off in order to conserve energy when you’re out and about. Conversely, you could turn the heating on to warm up the house for when you get home, or to slightly raise the temperature to prevent frozen pipes and leaks if the weather turns cold whilst you’re away. Although the amount of money saved could vary dramatically from household to household depending on your typical energy usage, Hive is a great way to keep an eye on things and check you’re not unnecessarily wasting energy.

Tariff Check

British Gas help customers to check they’re getting the best value for money by offering a free online Tariff Check. Their energy price calculator searches through all British Gas tariffs and picks out the cheapest one, based on you answering a few questions about your energy usage. Since our energy use tends to fluctuate dramatically through the year, it’s always a good idea to check whether you’re getting the best deal no matter what the season so that you’re not paying for more than what you’re using. British Gas existing customers can manage their accounts online or download the app; they can choose and switch to a better tariff plan. The Tariff Check is a brilliant tool for this.

British Gas Home Services

British Gas offers a wide range of services to protect and improve your home providing experienced and qualified engineers. They also offer insurance plans for your boiler and heating system, plumbing and drain system and electrical appliances. You can choose from several annual plans starting from £14 per month with 24/7 helpline and unlimited call outs. If not sure about your choice, there is 14 day period to cancel it.