Wood Blinds: Your guide to buying the right wood blinds

Blinds can be made of any material but no other blinds look as stylish and modern as wood blinds. They highlight the windows and give the interior of any room a warmer outlook. These blinds require good care over the years because they are vulnerable to mould.

Types of wood blinds

* Vertical wood blinds – they are quite heavy and not only protect you from unwanted sunlight during the day but also provide you with safety in the night time.
Horizontal wood blinds – this type of blinds brings a sophisticated look to the interior of the room. With the turn of the handle you can control the amount of sunlight you want in the room.

Measure the windows correctly

You have to take correct measures in three points of the window – top, middle and bottom. Then do the same vertically from left to middle and right. Make sure you measure everything correctly and even use a metal tape measure for more accurate results. Don’t make any adjustments in the measures as the wood blinds providers do this for you.


Wood blinds come in a great variety of colours so if you don’t want to go for the natural colour range, you can get them in almost any colour you can think of. Once you are tired of the colour, you can always repaint.

Where you can use wood blinds?

Best place for your wood blinds would be in the living room. Avoid bathrooms as the moisture in the air may cause damage to the wood. Kitchens are also not an option as cleaning them will be quite a difficult task there with all the cooking that you will be doing.

Wood or faux wood blinds

Basically, this choice mainly depends on your budget. Of course, real wood blinds have that solid and stylish look but if you can’t afford them – you can opt for faux wood blinds.

Where to buy wood blinds from?

You will find many providers online. You can quote and compare quotes. If you struggle with taking the measures of your windows, you can always book an appointment and they will come and help you out.