Add Elegance to your Home with Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are the perfect way to add an elegant look to your home whilst providing privacy – they look as stylish in the bedroom as they do in the lounge, and come in a variety of styles, patterns and colours to suit all tastes. Take a few minutes to read through our guide to Roman blinds to see whether this product could be right for you.

What are Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are fabric blinds which are usually raised with a cord. When lifted, the fabric gathers into attractive pleats, giving Roman blinds their distinctive appearance. Roman blinds are very popular with homeowners looking for a more stylish and decorative blind than traditional venetian or slatted blinds, as you can choose the fabric and pattern to suit.

Ready-made or Bespoke?

It’s possible to order ready-made Roman blinds from many websites, but there’s also the option of having blinds made to order if you wish. This allows you a wider choice of fabrics, colours and patterns, but will inevitably cost more. If you have the money to spend, bespoke Roman blinds can be made in any size, fabric and colour of your choice, so are a great option for those looking for a more luxurious blind.

Types of Roman Blinds

Some Roman blinds are designed to be more decorative, with expanses of pleated, scalloped fabric giving windows a luxurious look. The most decorative blinds are known as ‘London’ or ‘Balloon’ Roman blinds. For a more simple design, flat Roman blinds have a flat surface and come in a wide range of fabrics and colours. Hobbled Roman blinds maintain their folded appearance whether raised or not, with layers of fabric creating a ‘wave’ effect on your windows.

Sizing is Key

It’s vital to measure your windows, to ensure that your Roman blinds will fit correctly. You’ll need to decide whether you want your blinds to hang inside or outside the window recess and take the measurements accordingly for a perfect fit. Many blind manufacturers provide a product size guide on their website, so you can convert your measurements into the right size of blind for your window.

Roman blinds and bay windows

Bay windows are usually very hard to dress with any kind of window treatment but if you are careful with your measures and planning you can get an outstanding result. Bay windows can be separated in 3 groups:
- Splayed bay windows - three sided bay with wide center piece and two narrower pieces to the sides at an angle of 45 degrees to the center.
- Boxed bay windows - same as above but the angle is 90 degrees to the center piece.
- Curved bay windows - these windows are usually with 5 or more sections which follow the line of a curve.
Measuring right is the right way to make roman blinds fit perfectly with your windows.
Roman blinds can be stylish and contemporary or more luxurious and traditional, depending on the style of blind and fabric you choose. Adding new blinds to your home is a great way to update your décor in time for the summer months, and they’ll add much-needed shade and privacy when it gets hot outside!