An essential guide to bathrooms

Shopping for a new bathroom can start out as an exciting time, with thousands of options and the idea of your perfect bathroom firmly set in your imagination. However, as many bathroom shoppers soon come to realise, the innumerable amount of providers can lead to a consumer choosing price over quality, so in this guide we walk you through choosing between the huge amounts of bathrooms on the market today.

Current trends for the bathrooms of today

Minimalist bathrooms have been pretty hot in recent years with sign of this trend changing. If you're aiming for the ultra-modern bathroom then you should be looking at simplistic, natural materials and straight designs. Handles are generally finished in chrome and items such as your toilet and basin will be squared and set above the floor to give the appearance of the item "floating".
Traditional bathrooms are still relatively popular for those that find minimalist bathrooms too cold and clinical. Bathrooms in this style tend to have more detailing and move away from the muted colours of the modern bathroom.
Traditional bathroom sets additionally have the benefit of being cheaper, in general, than the more modern, cutting edge of designs.
Whether you choose modern or traditional style, the bathroom should be not only the place to keep your hygiene, but a place to give you comfort and relax. So consider the disposal of all items in the room to make it not only cosy and convenient and to suit your needs.

Finding the best deal for your new bathroom

Shopping online versus shopping at a retail outlet
With literally thousands of providers all jostling for your attention shopping online can offer significant discounts. Before you start your online search you may wish to visit a few bathroom showrooms, this will give you a good idea of how items you'll see online will look in real life.
Wherever you choose to shop, always bear in mind that you should check and recheck any measurements you've taken. Regardless of whether you've bought online or in store, returning a bathroom suite can be nothing short of a logistical nightmare.
Buying during sale times
Whilst waiting for sale time to roll around can be tedious is you're ready to purchase your bathroom it's certainly advisable if you wish to get the best deals. During certain times of the year (particularly when seasons change) can mean that you save anything up to 50%, which is a significant amount if your bathroom set is priced in the hundreds.
Self-fit or bathroom fitter?
Deciding between fitting the bathroom yourself or using a professionally qualified tradesman is very often a question of your experience. If you have little to no DIY knowledge then you may be better with having a professional fit your bathroom, and if you do opt for this choice then you should research the company or tradesman in question. Use consumer review websites and ensure that they leave a trail of happy, rather than unhappy, customers.