Our Guide To: Free dating sites

The world is a changing place; it wasn’t that long ago that someone using a ‘dating agency’ was considered to be somewhat ‘different’. Then the internet happened. This saw a boom in dating agency type business’, except it was now called online dating and seemed to be the new way of meeting people, wholly accepted and for the smart professional who was too busy to actually have much of a life in the real world.

This clever marketing strategy (aiming at professionals) meant that there was a premium price to pay if you wanted to be part of their exclusive network.
However, their success was also their failure. It became common place for people to start looking for love on the internet, as the popularity grew, so did the rise of the free dating site.
If you type ‘free dating website’ into a well-known internet search engine, it comes back with approximately 14,800,000 results. That’s some serious left button clicking action.
As with anything online, your personal security must be uppermost in your thoughts when adding any personal information to the World Wide Web. So always be vigilant and aware.
Whilst there are still one or two websites that charge for membership, it seems as though the free dating sites are now the majority and they can be a great way of meeting people.

Choose your site.

Take a little time to find out what the sites are known for. Some have the reputation of being a more ‘casual’ nature, some are genuine people looking for love. Here are top 3 best free dating sites in UK for the last few years:
1. Match - well known for a long time now.
2. OkCupid - internationally operating site with its own app.
3. eHarmony - they state the site is more about the quality, not quantity of members.

Profile is King! (or Queen).

It doesn’t matter if you feel a little more ‘cess pit’ rather than Brad Pitt, a profile photo is a must. Research shows that people with a photo have a much higher success rate in actually being contacted or being responded to.
Always take some time in writing your profile, if writing isn’t your strong point, why not get a friend to help you? They can also give you some insight in to your better characteristics and perhaps (God forbid) some of your flaws.
Be patient.
Whilst you may think that you’re the hottest thing since the Sun (the big orange thing in the sky, not the newspaper), that does not guarantee instant success.
It can take time to build that online relationship, to feel comfortable enough to even think about the possibility of meeting. And what a meeting!
The nervousness, excitement, the completely unknown, hoping that you hit it off. A whole world of different emotions and feelings, all running through you at once.

Be safe.

Whether male or female, you should always think about safety. At the very least, you should tell someone when and where you are meeting.
Lastly: Have FUN!