Tips for Buying a Short Term / Temporary Car Insurance

The need for temporary car insurance can arise from several situations. Basically, that’s when you don't need cover for 12 months. You might, for example, want to borrow a friend's car for a few days or maybe share the driving with a friend on a long trip. Or, a relative is coming to stay with you and wants to borrow your car. You can even get a short term insurance policy if you are buying a brand new car from a showroom. We reveal the benefits of temporary car insurance and the types of covers available.

How Does Temporary Car Insurance Work?

Temporary car insurance policy, short term car insurance and temporary cover are all the same thing. It gives you the option to cover a car for a period of anything between 1 and 28 days without the expense of an annual quote.

What Are The Benefits?

The best thing about buying a short term car insurance policy is that you are not putting your no claims bonus at risk. Because we all know – it’s far more likely to make a claim on car insurance when you’re driving a car you’re not used to, or you’re on somewhere facing unfamiliar roads.
Another advantage is that it offers an immediate cover. You can go online, get a couple of quotes, compare them and choose the one that suits you. Short term insurance is quick and easy to set up with most companies. And you’re covered straight away.
There are some very trusted websites, such as GoCompare and Confused, where you can review and compare insurance quotes.

Temporary Car Insurance Can be Costly

Shorter insurance terms will, in most cases, mean higher cost because insurers have certain administrative expenses linked to creating a new car insurance policy. Longer insurance terms give insurers the chance to spread these extra administrative costs over many premium payments. Explore the possibility to buy a regular policy and cancel it when it is no longer needed. In some cases, this might be the better option.

What Types Of Temporary Car Insurance Are There?

Depending on what you are looking for, the options include one day car insurance (which covers you immediately for 24 hours) or temporary car insurance (for up to 28 days). These can include Third Party cover only (only covers damage that you or your passenger cause to another person or property), Third party, fire and theft cover (as above with added cover if your vehicle if it’s stolen, or damaged or destroyed by fire) and Comprehensive cover (as above but also covers damage to your own vehicle).

When is convenient to use temporary car insurance?

- Weekend trip - going away for a wedding or just a trip away could be the case. You can share the journey between you and your friends amd the premium.
- Moving home - if you need a vehicle to help you with the luggage it will be way cheaper to borrow a friend's car or van than renting one and you will need temporary car insurance.
- Home from uni - if you have your own car that you keep going round the campus, you may need to borrow your mum and dad's car when home.
- Buying a new car - once you bought the car, the quickest way to insure it would be with temporary car insurance.

Are You Travelling Abroad?

Make sure your temporary insurance policy covers you in case you go out of Europe. Most insurance companies will require extra premium for this cover.