Our Guide To Buying Pet Insurance

How to find the right pet insurance policy Pets are our best friends and it perfectly makes sense to insure their health the same way we would insure ours. This way of thinking has driven the pet insurance market forward and from relatively new type of insurance it has become a quite common one.


There are different levels of cover on the different policies.
Premium policies — these are full policies offering lifetime cover. In case of illness they will cover all ongoing costs for treatments. This pet insurance is the longest one (cover your pet for its lifetime) and the only downside is that you have to stay with the same insurer.
Medium level policies — these policies set a limit of costs repaid to treat a certain condition.
Low level pet insurance — they only cover your pet for a certain condition for 12 months. Once the policy is over, they exclude it.
Dental cover — this pet insurance only covers problems that your pet has with its teeth.


As all other types of insurance policies, so does and pet insurance have excess. This is the amount that is agreed at the beginning of the policy that you should be prepared to pay if any treatment is needed.

How to find a cheaper pet insurance policy?

There are a few factors on which the premiums are calculated:
1. Your pet's age — most insurers have a minimum and maximum age range.
2. Medical history — keep your pet healthy and exercised.
3. Breed
4. Microchip — if your pet is lost or stolen it can be easily located if it's microchipped.
5. Previous claims — if you've claimed before, expect your premiums to go up.

Where to search for pet insurance?

The best way, we think, is to do it online. There are so many comparison sites such as CompareTheMarket, GoCompare, and MoneySuperMarket, which will compare hundreds of pet insurance providers for you and will provide you with a list of all the pros and cons for each provider. Take your time and compare policies online. Don't forget to read the small font.
Bear in mind that not all veterinarians accept pet insurance. While they prefer the payment directly from the owner, they should assist and present some documentation regarding the treatment and the cost of it. So you should check all that circumstances with your vet before choosing the insurance company and policy for your pet.
Here are some of the best rated pet insurers in UK:
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