Comprehensive Guide to Buying Electric Cars

Becoming more and more popular, companies offering electric cars are constantly developing and upgrading models and it is hard make a choice. Here is our short guide to choosing the right electric car:

Reasons for buying an electric car

1. Fuel consumption — as you would think — the most important reason is that you'll be saving huge amounts of money on fuel. It only costs around £2.50 to fully recharge the electric car's battery and you'll be able to use it for 100 miles so the cost comes to 2.5 p a mile. Smaller cars with fuel would cost about 9 p per mile. So you reduce you fuel costs by 3.5.

2. Taxes — You will save another £200 on road tax per year as they fall in the lower tax bands. There is a new governmental scheme since April 2020 according to which for company electric cars 0% tax is applicable for 2020/21. The benefits in kind tax rate for 2021/22 will be 1% and for 2022/23 will increase to 2%.

3. Government grants — the UK government has accepted a scheme which grants you with up to £3,000 off of the price on selected electric cars costing up to £50,000.

4. Automatic transmission — Because of the way they work, they are all produced with automatic transmission and this makes driving easier.

So in summary — electric cars might cost more to buy but once you have one — you will start saving money.

C02 Emissions

There are many arguments for the amount of CO2 emissions electric cars actually produce. In fact when they are on the road — the emissions are equal to 0. The main concern comes from the amount of CO2 emissions used for the production and recharge of the electric cars. When all this is taken into account — it comes out that EV cars have almost the same amount of emissions as smaller fuel powered cars.
So if you're buying an electric car because it's good for the environment — this should not be your leading factor. They are advertised as green cars but in fact they are only green on the road.

Few Disadvantages

We have to mention that there are few disadvantages when buying an electric car. The main one is that there are not so many charging points, but the recent popularity of plug-in cars the electric fuelling stations are developing fast. This combined with the short drive range can cause a lot of trouble and you should always carefully plan your trip and destination. Consider that charging your car at home for sure will increase your energy bill.

Which cars to look at?

When buying a new car there usually several factors determining your choice - budget, lifestyle, needs, location and more. So if a certain car is best for someone, it might not be for others. But here we have chosen few models and makes to look at, and do not claim they are the best, but they are our top 3.
Hunday are offering an affordable range of electric cars. Their models Ionic and Kona electric are excellent with their low running cost and modest look.

Kia e-Niro cars — they are claimed to change the market of electric cars. They come with 7-year warranty and a bargain price.

Tesla 3 — the very name Tesla says it all. It's a hybrid car with very low fuel consumption - it can drive up to 350 miles with one charging.