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Good advice BEFORE you buy means you will make a better decision and often save money

Our easy to read and professionally written product guides aim to inform and guide you on what to look out for when shopping online and comparing similar products - before you take the plunge and buy them. We view a bargain as firstly buying the brand or model that is best suited to your needs and then getting it at the best possible price.
Our aim is to become a quality source of advice for shopping. We save you time by doing the time consuming research for you.
If you struggle with choosing the right product, we are sure that after reading our guides you won't do anymore. We spend hours on each product or service and where we require expert knowledge, we seek it out.

Our website is updated regularly and we try to keep in the current trends by reviewing the latest products and most popular search terms. So please keep checking back for our latest new guides. If you would like to request that we review a particular product then please complete the following form and we will review it if we can (but there are only 3 of us working on this site so please be patient).
If you want to know some more about some service or product, don't hesitate to ask us. We would also like to learn more about it and give you all the important information that you need. We will always look for the best options for you and within your budget.
Our main force is our creator Sebastian, who has been hunting for bargains all his life. He doesn't have a degree in it but life is the best teacher. is Sebastian's idea and he is very proud with his creation.